Speaker’s Bureau

Name: Ann Bell

Genre: Fiction/Inspirational/Romance; Non-fiction/ Educational/ Technology
Speaking Subjects: Web 2.0 Tools for Authors; Researching for Fiction and/or Nonfiction Using Both Online and Print Sources.

Fees/ Expenses: Negotiable.

Distance Author Will Travel: The issue is more driving in heavy traffic areas.

Biography: Ann Bell has 20 years experience as a high school librarian; 6 years experience as an online professional development instructor and course developer for the University of Wisconsin-Stout; Masters degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Hawaii; Selected for inclusion in the 2008 Contemporary Authors Series by Thomson Gale, a reference series that provides information on approximately 112,000 writers in a wide range of media, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, and screenwriting.

Title(s) of published works:
Web 2.0 in Schools: Blogging, Podcasting, Vodcasting, Wikis, Moodles, and More

Handheld Computers in Schools and Media Center

Creating Digital Video in Your School: How to Shoot, Edit, Produce, Distribute and Incorporate Digital Video in the Curriculum

Montana Skies
Mended Wheels

(8 individual novels both in paperback and large print format)

Contact Information:

Email address: annamaebell@suddenlink.net

Name: Dr. David Ciambrone

Genre: Fiction/Mystery; Non-fiction/Poisions

Speaking Subjects:

Creative writing;
Writing a mystery;
Writing a novel—Permission to write badly;
Forensics for Mystery Writers;
Poisons for mystery writers;
Murder 101 or What really happens when you kill someone and how to do it right;
Developing Three Dimensional Characters–Breathing Life into Characters;
Preparing a non-fiction book proposal;
The Apron-the Humble Garment

Fees/ Expenses: Negotiable.

Distance Author Will Travel: No limit, depending upon travel assistance for long distance.

Biography: Dr. David Ciambrone lives in Georgetown, Texas (a northern suburb of Austin) with his wife. Dave is a retired scientist and now writes non-fiction and fiction as well as a newspaper column (Ask Uncle Dave) for the Williamson County Sun. Dave is the San Gabriel Writer’s League Chapter President. He was vice president of Sisters in Crime – Orange County Chapter and is a current member of the Sisters in Crime in Austin, TX. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Austin Mystery Writers and the Williamson County Coroners. Dave is a Fellow, International Oceanographic Foundation. Dr. Ciambrone is also a member of the Writer’s League of Texas, a member of the Order of Merlin of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and past President San Diego, California chapter. Dave was a Professor of Engineering at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. Just recently, Dr. Ciambrone was winner of the 2008 Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Authors Foundation, Sage Award.

Title(s) of published works: Napa Nights, Pelican Cove, Castle Finlaystoke, Left at Georgetown, Poisons Handbook for Writers. Dave has published 9 books including non-fiction.

Contact Information:

Email address: mysterywriter5@msn.com

Website: www.davidciambrone.com

Author Blog: www.davidciambrone.blogspot.com

Name: Joan Upton Hall

Genre: Fiction (mainly SF/Fantasy) and Nonfiction (mainly Texana and writing advice)
Speaking Subjects:
• Through the Eyes of a Judge: Making Contests Pay
• How to Write a Novel Synopsis
• The Ultimate What-ifs: SF/Fantasy/Paranormal
• When to Show, Tell, or Leave the Heck Out!
• Location, Location: A Sense of Place
• Flash-fiction to Novel Length: What Fits Your Story?
• Top Three Self-Editing Techniques
• Bring Characters to Life with POV
• (Or talk to Joan to tailor a workshop for your needs)

Fees/Expenses: Negotiable

Distance author will travel: Negotiable

Biography: “For 28 years of the last millennium,” Joan says, “I taught English.” During that time she edited and cartooned a teacher newsletter that won national awards. Now a full-time freelance writer and editor, she instructs writing classes and speaks to groups: civic organizations, book clubs, writers’ groups, libraries, you-name-it. Her manual, Rx for Your Writing Ills, has helped hundreds of writers, and several writer newsletters carry her columns. She has contributed other columns to the county newspaper and is the editor of a “writer to reader” newsletter called Page Turners. She has published short stories (from Roswell, NM to Maine) and numerous articles in magazines as diverse as Texas Highways, American Jails, and ByLine writers’ magazine. If you think that indicates a split personality, her book credits run from historical nonfiction to the paranormal and urban fantasy. See cover images and free reading samples on her website.

Title(s) of published work:
• Grand Old Texas Theaters that Won’t Quit
• Rx For Your Writing Ills
• Arturo el Rey, 1st of urban fantasy series: Excalibur Regained.
• Ghostly Tales from America’s Jails (anthology editor)
• Just Visitin’ Old Texas Jails

Contact Information:
Email address: jmuHall@aol.com

Name: Durwood “DJ” Heinrich, Ph.D.

Motivational Speaker • Business/Aviation Consultant • Author • Pilot

Dr. Heinrich is a business and aviation consultant, speaker, and author. His broad education in engineering, business, and industrial/organizational psychology coupled with his considerable background in management, leadership, and the stressful environment associated with piloting military and commercial aircraft make him uniquely qualified to train, consult, and entertain. He has been conducting presentations before large audiences since 1997 and has been published fourteen times since 1998.

Attack Out of the Sun: Lessons from the Red Baron for Our Business and Personal Lives
This flagship presentation based on Dr. Heinrich’s book about Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) includes the following fascinating topics:

• Seek the Blue Max (Formulate Your Vision)
• Select Your Boelcke (Find a Mentor)
• Be the First of the Chasers (Establish Goals)
• Envision Your Target (Visualize Victory)
• Fly in Formation (Grow Your Team)
• Make Your First Shots Count (Be Aggressive!)
• Function in Perfect Unity (Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses)
• Fight with Chivalry (Respect the Competition)
• Attack Out of the Sun (Secure the Upper Hand)
• Count Bullet Holes (Be an Efficient Manager)
• Mount a Gun to Your Machine (Be an Effective Leader)
• Paint Your Machine Red (Make Your Product Stand Out)
• Take Your Circus on the Road (Stay Close to Your Customers)
• Be Modest in Your Victories (Be True to Yourself)
• Tie Your Handkerchief to a Steeple (Value Family and Friends)
• Get a Dog (Relax!)

Dr. Heinrich provides his audiences with not only entertainment but with useful, current information and tools to use in real‐life business and personal settings. Further, his presentations are crafted to the specific business and personal needs and interests of the particular audiences.

Reasons to choose Dr. DJ Heinrich as your next speaker:
• Professionalism – DJ understands that your reputation is at stake when he takes the stage. Accordingly, he will work with you to ascertain that both he and the topic are right for your audience before agreeing to a contract. Further, there will be no surprises and you can anticipate a hearty congratulations from your boss when DJ leaves the podium.
• Customized Presentation – You’ve most likely seen speakers who take out time-worn material and simply insert your company or association’s name in once or twice during the program. DJ will provide a unique presentation tailored specifically to the needs and desires of your group. His pre-program research begins with your very first conversation and continues on through the event.
• Scientific-Based – You and your audience can easily detect the difference between a speaker and an expert. DJ is an expert in the fields of leadership, organizations, team-building, and safety.
• Energy – Although some celebrities and experts have curb appeal and content, many do not have the proper delivery tools. DJ has the ability to capture the attention of your audience from the very beginning to both inspire and to motivate.
• Interest – Hiring an experienced pilot who has prepared a program around the life of World War I’s famous and greatest ace Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) will make your event program stand out and build pre-program enthusiasm.
• The Extra Mile – DJ typically furnishes handouts and other materials to participants. DJ’s work for you does not end when the microphone is turned off. As needed, he will join your group in any social functions before or after the event.
• Take The Message Home! – DJ’s book, ATTACK OUT OF THE SUN, not only serves as a basis for his presentations but it is also makes an excellent tool for your attendees to take home as a resource for application long after the program. Books will be available for purchase at the session. Better yet, consider providing each attendee with his or her own copy. They make excellent take-away gifts for the participants. Inquire about special presentation pricing.

Name: Joy Nord

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Flowers; Fiction/ Historical
Speaking Subjects: State Flowers and Trees: How they earned their title;

Florigraphy: The language of flowers and their meaning(s).

Fees/ Expenses: Negotiable

Distance Author Will Travel: Depending on honorarium, travel distance is negotiable.

Biography: Joy Nord writes about ghosts and gloxinias, but not in the same book.
Her love of plants and flowers prompted Joy’s first career into the floral industry. In 1985, she became one of the first certified florists in the state. Her certification in Floral Design and Floral Management led her to become a Texas Master Florist the following year. After spending over twenty-five years in floral retail, she decided to stop arranging flowers, and start writing about them. Joy’s paranormal interest derives from unexplained events that happened many years ago. Joy is a member of the San Gabriel Writer’s League, Austin Romance Writers, Texas Mountain Trail Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Writer’s League of Texas. She is also the North Texas representative for Byline Magazine.

Title(s) of published works: Ghostly Tales from America’s Jails, State Flowers and Trees: The Story behind Their Title (release 2009), Texas Haunted Highways (release 2009), Petal Talk (release 2010)

Contact Information:

Email address: Rnord@austin.rr.com

Name: Sylvia Dickey Smith

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

Speaking Subjects:

The Creating Series (workshop or single presentations)

· Creating a Plot That Won’t Stop

· Creating Credible Characters

· Creating Fiction From Real Life

· Finding Your Voice

· Make Your Readers HATE Your Antagonist

· Marketing Your Work For Fun & Profit

· Mystery Writing & Self Discovery

· Revise Your Heart Out

· Texas History: A True-Life Texas Civil War heroine

Fees/ Expenses: Negotiable

Distance Author Will Travel: No limit, depending upon travel assistance for long distance travel.

Biography: Sylvia Dickey Smith draws from her training and experience as a licensed psychotherapist as she develops characters in her tales of mystery and suspense. It’s been said that she sees everything and misses nothing. She has a B.A. in Sociology and a M. Ed in Education Psychology. She founded her own business conducting management effectiveness training, individual and marriage counseling, and assertiveness training for women.

Title(s) of published works:

Dance On His Grave

Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets

Contact Information:

Email address: Sylvia@sylviadickeysmith.com

Website: www.sylviadickeysmith.com

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