William H Russeth

russethResiding in Georgetown, Texas, William Russeth pursues a second career writing after a thirty-year career in marketing management with a Fortune 500 company. He has always had a passion for history and mythology. With degrees in Journalism and Liberal Arts, he is well equipped to capture his imagination on the printed page.




Fires of Belenus


Copyright © 2007 by William H. Russeth

ISBN: 978-1-59705-752-3, Published in the USA,

Wings ePress, Inc., Richmond KY 40475

 When a meteorite plunges deep into the heart of Celtica, the blinding flash turns night into day and the impact flattens miles of countryside. A great sword is forged from the sky stone that is prophesized to shape the destinies of future generations. Warrior chiefs and scheming druids vie for ownership of the wondrous blade, cutting a trail of blood and murder across the Celtic world.

“If you enjoy a great historical adventure story with characters that you care about and a good dose of romance added into the mix, then you should give Fires of Belenus a read. It is gripping and executed well. You won’t be disappointed. “ 

— Jason M. Tucker, Renaissance Magazine, January 2009


Amazon.com, click the link below:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1597057525 (trade paperback only)

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