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Tracy Simpson was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She received an Associate of Arts Degree in Radio-TV-Film from Austin Community College and completed two one-year writing programs at the Long Ridge Writers’ Group and the Institute of Children’s Literature in West Redding, Connecticut. She worked as an actress in Texas for ten years. Tracy also worked as a production assistant, stand-in, voice-over artist, and dancer in film, television, commercials, public service announcements, and music videos. She was also a print and runway model. In addition, she made several vocal performances in and around the Austin area. Tracy writes children’s stories, poetry, screenplays, and songs.


Written and Illustrated by Tracy Simpson
Published by Outskirts Press – SPRING 2016


I believe that “Luminaries” expresses positive thought principles in a very creative and succinct way that will illuminate the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike everywhere. “Luminaries” focuses on the need for spirituality in everyday life as a means to grow, learn and make positive changes in the world.

“Luminaries” supports the position of the importance, usefulness and proof that prayer, meditation, positive thoughts and teamwork bring about positive changes. Intuition, forgiveness, love, faith and hope all play an integral part in bringing about these positive changes in the world for all sentient beings.

Luminaries – The narrative has a string that ties all three stories together.

  • Story #1 – “The Battle between the Star Signs and the Kaptorvatons”
  • Story #2 – “Traveling with Francine and the Fireflies”
  • Story #3 – “The Enchanted World of Uniland”

Story #1 is a tale about power struggles between good and evil. Aliens are working together with corrupted humans to conquer and destroy earth’s resources and the human spirit. Members of the zodiac and arch angels ultimately save the day.

Story #2 follows the adventures of two fireflies who befriend a faerie and show how friendship and understanding can overcome all obstacles. The story culminates with friendly time traveler visitors bringing a message of love and hope to all sentient beings.

Story #3 is about two children who discover a talking unicorn. The authorities swoop down and capture her; but, she is eventually rescued by the children’s Uncle Clyde who is a geological surveyor and horse whisperer. In return, the unicorn, Kira. Allows them to see a perfect utopia – her home – Uniland. She then entrusts them with one hundred magical crystals to bring about the harmonization of earth.

    fusion a collection of poetry
    Published Works

  • “FUSION” – Book of Poetry with Cover Art (Xlibris 2009)

    Completed Screenplays

  • “Coffee Breaks” – Screenplay
  • “She’s a Firecracker” – Screenplay

  • Excellence Award Recipient – Women of Distinction Magazine (Melville, NY) 2016
  • 2nd Place “Men as Fireflies” Annual Florence Library Poetry Contest (Florence, TX) 2004
  • 2nd Place “Moon Drop” Annual Florence Library Poetry Contest (Florence, TX) 2003
  • 3rd Place “Boys in the Wild” Annual Florence Public Library Contest (Florence, TX) 2002
  • Honorable Mention “Upside Down Sky” 7th Annual Writing Contest Women in the Arts (Decatur, IL) 2002
    Current Project

  • Tracy is currently adapting an e-book into a screenplay. The title of the e-book is “THE LASANDRALAND SAGA: Episode One – MYSTEE MAGIC” by Taylor Starwave.

  • Associate of Arts Degree – Radio-TV-Film at Austin Community College, Austin, TX, 2004
  • Graduate of a one year writing program at the Long Ridge Writers’ Group, West Redding, CT, 2002
  • Graduate of a one year writing program at the Institute of Children’s Literature, West Redding, CT, 1999
    • Tim McCanlies (“Second Hand Lions” and “The Iron Giant”) was my writing instructor for one semester in college.
    • Bonnie Orr (“Soccer Mom” and “The Lights”) and Suzanne Weinert (“ExTerminators” and “Hell’s Gate, An American Conspiracy”) provided coverage for my script, “Just Wing It.”
    Journalism Experience

  • Florentine Newspaper Columnist – “Poetry and Prose Corner” and “Artists and Businesses in Review”

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