Marjorie Anderson

Marjorie Anderson

Marjorie Anderson

Ms. Anderson is a native Virgin Islander, former bank executive, co-founder and executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Minority Business Strategic Alliance. She holds a BS Degree in Business Administration from Morgan State College, MS Degree in Management from LaSalle University, and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania-Wharton Management Program. She has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses start, finance and grow their enterprises and has been recognized by the Philadelphia minority and small business community.


the_key_maThe Key: Wise Money Choices for Teens

Marjorie Anderson shares her financial expertise and wisdom with today’s teens and their parents by helping them learn to make wise money choices that will impact their future. To fully discover how much the material in this book was needed, the Author surveyed 100 middle and high school students about a variety of financial topics. The full survey and findings became the basis for the book. Every teen household should have a copy of this book!




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