June Venable

June Venable is a native of Mobile, Alabama, but a Texan by marriage. In an earlier life, she taught elementary school and owned a travel agency – not at the same time, however. Her love of writing started early, but only became serious later in life. She has published two young adult novels and is working on a third. Several of her short stories have been published in magazines and online.

June has worked with San Gabriel Writers League in several capacities and is a member of Story Spinners critique group. When not writing, she enjoys reading and quilting.


Son of the Revolution smSON OF THE REVOLUTION

Caleb Fields, orphaned at fifteen, joins the South Carolina Militia to fight the British. When he is captured, help comes in the person of a young woman and her family. Reunited with his unit, he becomes friends with another young solider, who together with his friend’s younger sister conspire to carry out a daring scheme. Later, kidnapped by the Swamp Fox he is given another task that helps deter the British from bringing arms to their comrades.

Caleb is torn between choosing the life of a soldier, or returning to the family farm. His heart is also divided between the two young women in his life. When he makes a decision, he realizes it has been the right one all along.

Published – September, 2009
ISBN:  978-1-60318-044-3
Publisher – L & L Dreamspell
Retail – $12.95
Genre: Young Adult/Historical
Available – Publisher’s website, online sites such as Amazon.com, can also be ordered through bookstores or from author.

Hannah's Journey smHANNAH’S JOURNEY

In the years between the mid-eighteen hundreds and 1932, two hundred thousand children were put aboard trains and sent to families throughout the Midwest, and then to all parts of the country. These children were orphaned or abandoned and needed care. Their transportation came to be known as “The Orphan Trains.”

Hannah Monroe was one of these children. Through family circumstances, she is placed aboard one of these trains whose destination is Texas. She meets a friend who understands her situation. They are soon separated, but not before they promise to search for one another and for Hannah’s father who left home and has not been heard from.

The journey Hannah embarks upon ends with the fulfillment of promises made long ago both to herself and others.

Published –  September, 2008
ISBN:  978-1-60318-044-3
Publisher – L & L Dreamspell
Retail – $11.95
Genre: Young Adult
Available – Publisher’s Website, through online sites such as Amazon.com., can also be ordered through bookstores or from author.

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