Joy Nord

JGAfter dyslexia turned Joy Nord into a non-reader, she did only required reading for forty-nine years. Then in 2001, after her father’s death, Joy couldn’t sleep. Her mother suggested she read as a sleep stimulant. So, from her mother’s romance collection, Joy picked up Debbie Macomber’s Promise Texas Series and it was “love at first read.” Within eighteen months she completed more than one hundred novels.

        In 2003, Joy decided that since she could read now, then maybe she could write. Therefore she joined the San Gabriel Writer’s League, Austin Romance Writers, and Romance Writers of America. The following year she entered the Writer’s League of Texas Novel Contest and won second place in the romance category.

        Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she lived only two weeks, Joy spent her childhood moving regularly with her military family. Her most memorable stay was spent at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. There, at the age of ten and living on foreign soil, she discovered the honor in claiming her American birthright.

       Upon entering the ninth grade, Joy’s father was transferred to Laredo. And as the saying goes, “She wasn’t born in Texas, but got here as soon as she could.” Her country and western flare signifies her love for the Lone Star State. For thirty-four years Joy has lived on the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country. Her favorite getaway destinations are the Davis Mountains, Palo Duro Canyon, and Galveston.

       The love of gardening prompted Joy’s first career into the floral industry. In 1985, she became one of the first certified florists in Texas. Her certification in Floral Design and Floral Management led her to become a Texas Master Florist the following year.

       Joy lives in Round Rock, Texas with her husband, Richard. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. A member of Georgetown Evangelical Free Church in Georgetown, Texas, she is co-chairwoman of the Circle of Friends Ministry. She belongs to the San Gabriel Writer’s League, Romance Writers of America, Austin Romance Writers, Writer’s league of Texas, American Christian Fiction Writers and Texas Mountain Trail Writers.

Official State Flowers and Trees: Their Unique Stories


This all inclusive book explains the history behind our nation’s selection of its flowers and trees. The stories are rich with political intrigues, legends, deception, botanical history, war and conquest, and humor, which makes each state’s adoption a unique tale.

For over a century, each state has adopted a flower and tree as symbols for its state and its people; in fact, some states have chosen several representatives. All state trees, except Hawaii’s, are native to the state they represent. However, that is not the case with the state flowers as many of them are from other parts of the world.

Whether legislators adopted them for the importance to their state’s history, economy, or natives rare or common within the state, these symbols are highly honored by Americans. But, if the legislator’s choices were simple, there would not be a need for this book, as their selections were extremely colorful as the flowers and grand as the trees.

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