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joan Joan Upton Hall taught English for twenty-eight years. During that career, she was editor and cartoonist for a teacher newsletter, The RRAFT Report, which won state and national awards. Now a full-time freelance writer, she instructs creative writing classes, speaks at writers’ conferences and serves for the San Gabriel Writers’ League of Georgetown as Writers’ Liaison, and is an active member of the Writers’ League of Texas (WLT).

 Arturo El Rey



Art Reyes, a young Marine, suffers eerie visions of dying with a lance in his chest as none other than King Arthur. Had it only been a legend – Arthur’s promise to return when the world needs him? When bio-terrorists crumble civilization, he accepts his destiny to restore order. In the process, he meets a young woman named Shanna, reminiscent of Lady Guinevere – and an old, white-bearded librarian who calls to mind a certain famous magician. Unfortunately, he also runs afoul of a particularly nasty pair of marauders. Can Arturo el Rey “get it right” in this life?

Writers’ League of Texas 1st Place for Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel

(2nd edition, 2005 by Zumaya Press as Book 1 in trilogy) 
ISBN#: 10 1-55410-258-8
Retail: $17.99
Also available as e-book: 1-55410-259-6
Genre: Urban fantasy novel


The Shadow of Excalibur


EXCALIBURAfter years of relative peace, Arturo el Rey’s former lover forces him to accept her son Edward as his own, then allies herself with a right-wing militia to put Edward on the throne. Art’s beloved Shanna is attacked and on the run, her only help the one man who could destroy them both: Stephen Dubois. As the Rey Alliance teeters on the brink of collapse, the doom of Camelot seems to be repeating, Art must confront demons from both his present and past lives that hang over his head like a sword. 

 (2008 by Zumaya Publications)
ISBN: 978-1-934135-00-6
Retail: $16.99
Genre: Urban fantasy; Book 2 of EXCALIBUR REGAINED series

  Just Visitin’ Old Texas Jails



The classic board game, Monopoly, doesn’t include a jail in its town for nothing. Jails hold a certain awe for most of us, and in the game or in reality, everyone would rather be “just visiting.” Ever wonder what’s inside those castle-like strongholds that locked up yesteryear’s bad guys & gals? Photos and stories will take you there. They are now tourist attractions – one, a large hotel!

 (2007 by State House Press of McMurry University)
ISBN 13: 978-1-933337-14-2)
Retail: $16.95
Genre: nonfiction travel guide

 Ghostly Tales from America’s Jails


GhostJails3Spirits are still doing time in these old jails—some since the 1600s! Curl up with 38 stories of historical hoosegows from all over the U.S. Includes photos of the lockups and photos of contributing authors along with their bios. Each jail or prison is now a location for good guys like you to visit. Yes, they’re transformed to museums, some even B&Bs!

 NOTICE: Among the many contributing authors, the following are members of SGWL:

Elizabeth Baldwin, Tammy Petty Conrad, Mary Fenoglio, Joan Hall, Janet Kilgore, Patricia Morse-McNeely, Carol MacDonald Menchu, Joy Nord, and Jackie Taylor Switzer, Ann Bell.

(2006 by Atriad Press
 ISBN: 978-1-933177-09-0Retail: $18.95
Genre: nonfiction anthology

Available at: bookstores, usual online stores, and websites:

oldtheatresGrand Old Texas Theaters that Won’t Quit 

(with photographs)
co-authored with Stacey Hansbrook

It takes a vintage theater with a strong personality to survive into the twenty-first century. Surprisingly some date as far back as 1886 and range across the state. Meet the personalities (living and deceased) who have contributed to these old show places. Discover facts and legends about the early days of each as well as the transitions that have given new life as a venue for either “picture shows” or the performing arts. Read of natural disasters, special effects, shootings, and mysteries. And there are ghosts…mostly  playful, yet you have to wonder.?

(Republic of Texas Press, an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group)
ISBN#: 1-55622-884-8
Retail: $18.95
Genre: Nonfiction history & travel guide

writersillsRX For your Writing Ills

 (Park, an imprint of WordWright International,
ISBN#: 1-932196-17-X
Retail: $14.95
Genre: Nonfiction self-help manual

Need a book doctor? Heal thyself-with the help of freelance editor, Joan Upton Hall. In a humorous, easy-to-understand style, Hall shows methods to diagnose specific weaknesses, then gives remedies. The manual is packed with explanations, examples-even cartoons. Ten common writing maladies you can cure, plus an appendix loaded with more tips aimed to help writers sell their work.

 50 Writer’s Tips


fiftytipsPrinted by author
Retail: $5.00
Genre: Nonfiction grammar/usage reference
Quick, easy-to-understand references to fifty of our most troubling English language problems.Demystifying Writers’ Demons© is a monthly column the author contributes to writer newsletters. This booklet consists of the first fifty Demystifiers published.

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