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jane_fullJane Thompson is a person with a breadth of experience. She has worked as a social worker, a teacher, as a paralegal, and , of course, as a writer. She holds a BA and an MA from the University of Oklahoma. For years she wrote for the publisher of a political encyclopedia and served as a medical writer for a training corporation. It was in these positions that she learned to express herself with brevity and clarity. When she decided to write her own story, Sugar & Salt: My Life with Bipolar Disorder, this experience aided her in getting the story on paper.

Reboot: A Novel of Bipolar Disorder

Reboot by Jane ThompsonA woman’s struggle to deal with bipolar disorder as it affects all of her life’s aspects; her jobs, her relationships, her ability to live her life normally. She is not diagnosed until middle-age; her diagnosis is not the end of her quest to find out what is wrong with her life. She has to then find a doctor and medications that will work in her individual case. The journey is long and the destination is in doubt.

Bipolar disorder is a common, often undiagnosed mental illness that affects about four percent of the population. It is a challenge to get diagnosed, to find a doctor who understands and is able to treat the disorder, and to find the right combination of medications that will balance the mania and depression that are the hallmarks of the mental illness. A person with bipolar disorder cannot control his or her moods and consequently their lives spin out of
control as they self-medicate with alcohol and drugs and make poor judgment calls. Many do not recognize that they have an illness and do not seek treatment. This book is an introduction to some of the problems and some of the solutions that can be found for bipolar disorder. It is fictional, but the situations are often found with people who have the disorder.

Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 14, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1477661565
ISBN-13: 978-1477661567
$15.00 paperback $4.99 Kindle

9781434379658_cover.inddThe Rookie’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder 

 The Rookie’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder is a primer for the person who has just been diagnosed with the disorder. It is a how-to to help the person to make basic decisions about what to do, and contains basic information and bipolar disorder to help the person understand what is happening to him or her. It is also helpful for persons who are interested in learning more about the disorder to help loved ones.

The book contains resources to aid in dealing with the disorder. These include helpful books, access to support groups, websites, message boards, and chat rooms. All these will guide the person with bipolar disorder in learing more about the disorder and how to manage his or her situation.

Copyright; Jane Thompson
Date; June 5, 2008
Publisher: Authorhouse Books
ISBN#: 978-I-4343-7965-8
Retail Price: 10.99
Genre: Nonfiction
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1425953174_cover.indd Sugar & Salt:

 My Life with Bipolar Disorder

 Sugar & Salt will appeal to readers because it tells a story of struggle, of failure, but of ultimate triumph as the author slowly learns her way though the world of bipolar disorder. It is not a tale of climbing the ladder of success, but of a winding trail that is sometimes upward, but that ultimately leads her to her goal of stability and understanding of an illness she must live with and manage for the rest of her life.

 (Author House www.authorhouse.com )
ISBN: 1-4259-5317-4
Retail: $14.49
Genre: nonfiction
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