Gary Clark


Gary is a member of the Writer’s League of Texas and San Gabriel Writer’s League. He has a B.A. in Psychology, and a couple of degrees in some other interesting stuff, too. His varied professional experiences in health care and criminal justice have given him a rare insight into the minds of people who complicate their lives through critical thinking errors and he uses what he learned from those people to develop the characters in his writing.

His stories are predominately character driven tales that are populated with earthy individuals the reader can quickly bond with as Gary escorts them into the most private corners of the character’s private thoughts and dreams, eagerly sharing their earth shattering sorrows as well as their sky-splitting joys.

When he writes, he tends to break all the rules of writing because it’s fun and that’s what he likes to do. He has won several awards for his short stories. However, according to the agents and publishers he has submitted his novels to, he has written two incredibly insignificant novels and is currently working on a third, which, upon completion, he expects to receive rave rejections from publishers coast to coast.

Gary’s philosophy of writing is simple – “Write like no one will ever read it!” He believes the writer’s own style, voice and passion are paramount to the rules of accepted writing.

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