Dave Ciambrone

Dr. Dave Ciambrone is a retired scientist, Oceanographer, archaeologist, professor, magician and author living in Georgetown, Texas with his wife, Kathy.

Dave worked for both defense contractors and commercial companies and in the environmental field.

He has degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering. Dave has been a professor of engineering and Material Science at the California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, Instructor of business and operations management and quality assurance at Cal State Universities and an instructor of electronic manufacturing at UCSD and an instructor of business at The George Washington University.

He is past vice president of Sisters-in-Crime (Orange County, California), a national writers group. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters-in-Crime and past President of the San Gabriel’s Writer’s League, Austin Mystery Writers, Writer’s League of Texas and Williamson County Coroners. He has also published nonfiction books that are selling internationally. Dave is a member of the Georgetown, Texas Chamber of Commerce.

Dave has worked with police departments and been a consultant on poisons and forensics to police agencies. He has also worked with chemical & biological weapons.

Dr. Ciambrone was appointed a US Treasury Commissioner and to the management board of the Resolution Trust Corporation by the President of the United States.

Dave has awards from archaeological associations and is a Fellow of the International Oceanographic Foundation.

Dr. Ciambrone has been a speaker at writers groups, schools and colleges, conferences and technical organizations.

Dave has published six Virginia Davies Mysteries: Quest for the Crystal Skull, Left at Georgetown, Laguna Treasure, Napa Nights, Pelican Cove and Castle Finlaystoke. His second Adam Thomas mystery, The Trashy Gourmet, will be out in 2012. Currently, Dave is working on the 7th Virgnia Davies adventure, Dangerous Threads, as well as a new series featuring California coroner, chemist Jack Parker, Ph.D. He has also published three management books; Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon, Environmental Life Cycle Analysis and Effective Transition from Design to Production (release date Sept. 2007).

His present interests include astronomy, writing, his newspaper column, cooking, travel, archeology, and his grandchildren.

Member of the board of Diectors–Writer’s league of Texas
Member of the Georgetown Public Library Advisory Board

Learn more about Dave here.

Quest_for_the_Crystal_Skull_sm-1Quest for the Crystal Skull

A Virginia Davies Mystery

Texas. It’s the biggest state in the continental United States. Sun worshipers, college students at Spring Break, smugglers and hurricanes visit its coastline. This hurricane found Virginia Davies at a beachfront resort on St. John’s Island securing archaeological artifacts and treasures worth millions that had been hijacked. With the hurricane raging around her, she and a long time friend, Donna Boletti, encounter Virginia’s murdered partner, and some killers trying to steal an old crystal skull.

After she and Donna eliminate the threat of the killers and the hurricane ebbs, they head for New Orleans to trace down the people behind the murders. Virginia and Donna are pulled into the world of Voodoo and find other groups wanting the crystal skull and her dead. She and Donna keep searching for clues while the body count keeps going up around them. She learns the people behind the murders are headquartered in Rome.

In Rome she manages to get inside the world of a dangerous art and fake antiques business and an unusual laboratory for the manufacture of undetectable fake art and antiques that could mean her death.

Virginia entangles the reader in a rapid-fire adventure involving the worlds of murder, voodoo, and antique fraud and the sights and sounds of Texas, New Orleans and Rome up to the high stakes end on the Mediterranean Sea.

Published by L & L Dreamspell
ISBN: 978-1-60318-256-0
290 Pages

leftatgeorgetownLeft at Georgetown

A Virginia Davies Mystery

Virginia Davies finds trouble in Georgetown when her new play turns deadly, thrusting her into an action-packed mystery involving kidnapping, attempted murder, and the Mafia!

Virginia Davies has a lot going on in her life – a new marriage, new city, new job, a new play – and murder! She married her longtime boyfriend Dr. Andy Clark, then they moved from Orange County, California to Georgetown, Texas, where she took a job as a curator at the prestigious San Gabriel Museum.
Her main source of pride, her manuscript – Murder as a Community Project – was optioned for production as a play. Unfortunately, Virginia’s propensity for finding trouble followed her from the west coast – at the first Georgetown Community Theater rehearsal she discovered one of the actors, a reporter for an area newspaper, with a knife stuck in his chest, and it’s not a prop.
Dragged into the action-packed mystery by strange photographs and actors’ antics, Virginia’s husband is kidnapped to stop her from nosing around. Snooping around in her usual unorthodox manner, while people keep trying to kill her, she manages to rummage through trouble in Georgetown, Austin, and Williamson County, Texas – while befriending the police and the Mafia.

ISBN 978-1-60318-020-7
Suggested Retail $16.95

poisonsPoisons Handbook for Writers by Dave Ciambrone

Author/Expert David Ciambrone helps writers add believable elements to their mystery stories!

Humankind has been lucky.
The effective means for an undiscovered, perfect murder is illusive. The bottomless fear of discovery has kept most of us from the real life dastardly deed. But what about authors who need to craft a believable plot?
Help in planning a poisoning is on the way for mystery writers with this handbook. Those who kill ‘fictionally’ will find this book a valuable resource!

ISBN 978-1-60318-030-6
Suggested Retail $7.95

newbookSan Gabriel’s Secret

Nestled on the San Gabriel River in Central Texas’ Hill Country, Georgetown is a small town where things are normally pretty quiet. That is, until Adam Thomas, a retired scientist and now writer of a newspaper column for women under the name Aunt Kay, inherits a Confederate solder’s journal and a murder. Adam and his girlfriend Kathy find themselves the center of dark doings and racing headlong into a fast paced, high stakes adventure to untangle a murderous puzzle, a series of macabre organizations and locate the centuries old San Gabriel Secret. The book also has some of Adam’s Aunt Kay household handy hints newspaper columns.

ISBN: 9781-60318-080-1

pelicancovePelican Cove

Virginia Davies, curator at the Southbrook Museum, is leaving on vacation to the romantic seaside town of Pelican Cove with her boyfriend, Dr.Andy Clark, when her boss innocently asks her to make it a well paid, working vacation. The old director was murdered trying to mount an exhibit about a ship that sunk off the coast years before, touching a nerve in someone bent on keeping a secret that went down with the ship. Virginia stumbles upon the secret and deeper intrigue involving smuggling, drugs, deceit and murder by local prominent citizens. She leads her friends, US Marshals, the Coast Guard and the murderers on a wild adventure to the cutting conclusion.

(Mystery Suspense Press)
ISBN: 0595749186
Retail: $15.95
Genre: Mystery
Available at bookstores, usual online stores, or email: mysterywriter5@msn.com

napanightsNappa Nights

Archaeologists and televangelists are about as compatible as oil and water. Virginia Davies, curator of American History at the Southbrook Museum, attends the American Archaeological Institute convention in Napa, California. The arrival of the Reverend Hockings is controversial enough. His dropping dead makes it worse. The coroner and police ruled the death a stroke. Virginia discovers that it’s murder. The murderers want to silence Virginia, forever. Aided by her boyfriend, Dr. Andy Clark, an engineering professor at the University of California, and Donna Bolletti, a travel agent and friend, Virginia finds that staying alive is more of a problem than solving the murder.

(Mystery Suspense Press)
ISBN: 059206735
Retail: $17.95
Genre: Mystery
Available at bookstores, usual online stores, or email: mysterywriter5@msn.com

lagunatreasureLaguna Treasure

Virginia Davies, a graduate student in history is embroiled in an unclassic adventure involving a hoard of gold, thieves and a ring of smugglers in a plot that almost costs Virginia and her friends their lives. Laguna Treasure begins in 1933 in a watery cave in the coastal mountains of Southern California. Sixty plus years later, an antique dealer friend of Virginia’s, Abbey McQueen, provides a clue that launches Virginia on a perilous adventure. Virginia finds her life is placed in jeopardy by a group of thieves interested in gaining her treasure at any cost. People she contacts keep turning up dead. She and Dr. Andy Clark, her boyfriend and Professor of Engineering, plunge headlong into a vicious, no-holds-bared, seemingly non-ending struggle to what could be a one way journey to survive.

(Writers Club Press)
ISBN: 0595093310
Retail: $15.95
Genre: Mystery
Available at bookstores, usual online stores, or email: mysterywriter5@msn.com

envirolifecycleEnvironmental Life Cycle Analysis

The trend in industry and with the EPA is to prevent wastes before they are created instead of treating or disposing of them later. This book assists design/systems engineers and managers in designing or changing a product or set of processes in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment during its life cycle. It explains the overall concept of environmental life cycle analysis and breaks down each of the stages, providing a clear picture of the issues involved. Chapters 1 and 2 provide an introduction and overview of the environmental life cycle analysis process. Chapter 3 establishes the basis and methodologies required for analysis through description of the basic framework, definition of boundaries, use of checklists, data gathering processes, construction of models, and interpretation of results. Templates and special cases that may be encountered and how to handle them are addressed in Chapter 4. Chapters 5 through 9 go into detail about modeling, issues, and data collection for each stage of the product life cycle. The final chapter provides a summary of the various steps and offers ideas on how to present data and reports.

(Lewis Publishers)
ISBN: 1566702143
Retail: $65.00
Genre: Technological
Available at bookstores, usual online stores, or email: mysterywriter5@msn.com

wasteministrategyWaste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon

Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon provides guidance on how to design, implement, evaluate, and maintain a waste minimization program. It describes how waste reduction programs can be successfully coordinated into company procedures, while simultaneously improving that company’s bottom line. It illustrates how to set goals and metrics for a waste minimization program, how to determine the progress of such a program, and how to calculate the true costs of environmental compliance. The underlying assumption is that waste is a manageable resource, and can therefore be turned into profit when managed appropriately.This comprehensive new book ties together the various systems, listed below, into a cohesive waste minimization program called Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

(Lewis Publishers)
ISBN: 156670135-X
Retail: $80.00
Genre: Technological
Available at bookstores, usual online stores, or email: mysterywriter5@msn.com

CASTLECastle Finlaystoke

Museum curator Virginia Davies is on a vacation with her fiancé, Dr. Andy Clark, and his parents to Scotland to visit Andy’s Great Uncle, The Baron of Finlaystoke. They are there to witness a centuries old ceremony involving a locked chest and a mysterious historic treasure. Murder, however, is not on the agenda. Snobbish relatives, pompous lawyers, poisonings, a madman on a motorcycle and someone out to kill her make for an interesting party and another misadventure for Virginia. With the police and a killer trailing behind, Virginia hunts for the mysterious treasure and murderer at the Baron’s ancient stone manor. Virginia figures out what the treasure is, but locating it proves daunting until she remembers the clue from the chest. Weaving her way through secret tunnels, and a using a cache of medieval weapons she discovers, Virginia turns the tables on the culprits in the cutting conclusion.

(publisher iUniverse,www.iuniverse.com )
ISBN: 0-595-35746-6
genre:Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General
Retail: $10.95Available at bookstores, usual online stores, or email:mysterywriter5@msn.com

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