Cindy B. Wright

Cindy Wright

Cindy Wright

Cindy B. Wright was born and raised in California. She has served more than 20 years as a Unity minister in Washington, Arkansas and Texas and has just recently retired. She has been a devoted cinema fan for most of her life. Cindy’s movie passion showed up in many of her Sunday lessons. She often shared movie clips as examples of the spiritual points in her sermons.

Cindy lives in Texas with her husband and their pets: three cats and a dog.


Reel TransformationReel Transformation: Your Life Now Playing

Reel Transformation shows you how to use something you love to do—watching movies—to assist you in your own growth and transformation. From the beginning of time stories have been told to convey some deeper meaning. Jesus used parables to teach, and movies have become our modern day parables.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son we find five stages of the transformational Hero’s Journey: 1) Home in the Ordinary World, 2) The Call, 3) The Wilderness, 4) The Awakening, and 5) The Return Home. We find these stages again and again in movies of all genres. After reading Reel Transformation you will be able to watch movies with intention and recognize your life now playing in the characters you see on the screen.

The next time you go to the movies get something more than popcorn; get transformed!

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  1. Tracy Simpson

    Hi Cindy, I saw your member page and wanted to let you know that your book sounds fascinating. I’ll be ordering it in the near future. I am a screenwriter and have a member page with the SGWL too. Welcome to you. Tracy

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