Spring forward


By DJ Heinrich

Of what we generally think of as the four seasons, I’ve always liked spring the most. Spring is a phase of growth, regeneration, expectation, and the birth of new life for both plants and animals. Spring promises comfortable weather, life-generating showers, and freshness provided by every variety of new growth and accompanying blossoms. Barren trees and grey lawns finally display their assorted new wardrobes of bright green. For me, spring has always been an exciting time to re-focus and to settle back into a comfortable, yet purposeful routine, with the hectic holidays and Super Bowl finally receding into memory.

Still, having been a pilot by trade, it’s difficult not to remember that spring in one location means autumn somewhere else. For that matter, even the definitions of spring vary somewhat throughout the world. I’ve left on trips and seen temperature changes of more than one-hundred degrees following just a few hours of flying. In some places, spring or summer seems perpetual. Once, having left on a trip in “winter” from Dallas via Tokyo to Singapore, the other pilot and I were scolded none too gently by our flight attendant who had not packed clothes for the temperate climate in Southeast Asia. Singapore-a mere eighty-five miles north of the equator-has a temperature that varies on average from 74-89 degrees year-around, a little warm for the array of sweaters and winter coats she had skillfully crammed into her suitcase. Needless to say, we were immediately commissioned to accompany her on a shopping outing to acquire some cooler clothes!

Spring is an excellent time to take inventory and to move forward. Perhaps those hastily-adopted New Year resolutions have already fallen and ultimately tossed out with the used Christmas boxes and wrapping paper. But it’s not too late to examine our suitcases and realize that perhaps we have packed too heavily or been unrealistic in our goal-selection. It might be an ideal time to shed some baggage and assess what’s really important for the year. Spring is indeed the perfect opportunity to shed some layers, roll up our sleeves, step “outside” in the sunshine, and finish that project that has been set aside for the winter. It’s spring here, right now! Let’s take advantage!

SGWL President, Durwood “DJ” Heinrich, Ph.D.
Motivational Speaker • Business/Aviation Consultant • Author • Pilot

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