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You Thought Writing the Book was Bad

by David Ciambrone

Okay, you wrote a book. You painfully put your baby through a critique group who obviously doesn’t get it but you survived and made some of their suggested changes. You did a self edit and spent months or years either looking for an agent or publisher or both. You finally, after using rejection letters for wallpaper, signed up with a publisher. Wow, you are now an author! You have gone from a writer or aspiring author to a real live author.


You sit back and watch the money roll in? You get asked to do book signings with long lines of eager book buyers who can’t wait to meet you? You’ll be on TV and radio, right?

Well, guess what? You have just completed the first two steps of the process. You are an author who no one knows (except your mother and maybe a few friends).

The publisher will send you on book tours? NO! You are now your own marketing director! You are the one who sets up book signings and sends out information about them (some bookstores help out using their e-mail list or may put up your posters). You must meet and greet and convince a potential customer to purchase your book and he/she may not have come into the store looking for you or your book. YOU get to try and get coverage in newspapers and other media. YOU get to try and get whatever speaking engagements you can. YOU get to try and get on panels at writers conventions. YOU are the guy or gal who must make the difference.

Writing is a solitary affair. Critique groups are meetings with fellow writers, BUT marketing is YOU. It is stressful, and not much fun if you are not a people person.

BUT when it works-it is great. It is wonderful seeing someone with your book and hearing nice reviews and seeing your first royalty check. So hang in there, doing this part has a long learning curve but you do learn what works and what doesn’t. Going to book fairs with just your books and sitting at a booth trying to market doesn’t work as well as when you are a speaker.

So get gigs speaking and as much publicity as possible and Good Luck! In the mean time, start that next book.

Dr. Dave Ciambrone is a retired scientist, Oceanographer, archaeologist, professor, magician and author living in Georgetown, Texas with his wife, Kathy.

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