November 3rd Meeting

Attendees – November Speakers  


For the November meeting of San Gabriel Writers League, the last regular meeting of 2016, you are invited to bring a sample of your writing to read to your co-members. It can be an excerpt from something you’ve been working on, or whip up something special for the occasion.

You will be limited to five (5) minutes, two-and-a-half (2 ½ pages double-spaced. It can be about any appropriate topic, but we DO have major holidays approaching. There’s always something to write about when families gather.

This is also an important meeting to attend because we will be electing our officers for 2017. Candidates are listed below. Please let Paul Fronczek or Don Guerrant know if you want to nominate anyone else. WE NEED SOMEONE TO RUN FOR VICE PRESIDENT.

PROGRAM begins at 7:00 pm on the second floor of the
Georgetown Public Library.

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  1. Sid Frost

    Oops. You fixed the displayed link, but didn’t change the link to part. You can test it by linking on each one. I did a refresh of my browser and still got the wrong links. These math problems are harder than they should be. This one is okay seven x — = 7, but the last one was — x 8 = 24. I had to count on my fingers.

  2. Florence Gould

    I would like to have a contact at the SGWL to receive publicity about the Hill Country Authors Series speakers. Our next speaker is Chris Tomlinson, author of Tomlinson Hill. He will be speaking at the Library on Feb. 20 at 2:00 p.m. I’d like to send you a press release, poster, etc., to have for your Feb. meeting.

    Florence Gould
    Friends of the Georgetown Public Library

  3. Sid Frost

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Please feel free to send the information to me:

    Sid Frost
    Secretary, SGWL

    I will present what you sent above.

  4. Ashley Reid

    I would like more information about this group. I am a first time author looking for a critique writing group. I mostly write YA,Paranormal,Urban materials and would like to join a group of writers alike. If so I’ll leave my info.

  5. Webmistress

    I have forwarded your message to the SGWL president, Paul Fronczek. If you don’t receive an email from him soon, please let me know.

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