December 4, 2014

Holiday Party!


The SGWL Holiday Party is December 4, 2014. Gather at 6:30—Party at 7:00

PLEASE RSVP BY December 2 so we know how many tables to set up
email: thirdgate@aol.com
Subject: SGWL open NOW
At the same time let us know what you will bring based on your position in the alphabet !!


WHERE — 30 Wildwood Dr, Georgetown—Clubhouse at the Oaks at Wildwood. CARPOOL IF YOU CAN

Map and details in the December Gabriel Writer newsletter

Holiday Party

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sid Frost

    1. In the current newsletter, near the beginning, is a link to sgwl.org that goes to some foreign website.
    2. Could you add my website in the members list?


  2. Webmistress

    I fixed the errors in the newsletter, passed the information on to The Gabriel Writer editor and added your website to the members websites list. Thanks for letting me know about these issues.

  3. Sid Frost

    Oops. You fixed the displayed link, but didn’t change the link to part. You can test it by linking on each one. I did a refresh of my browser and still got the wrong links. These math problems are harder than they should be. This one is okay seven x — = 7, but the last one was — x 8 = 24. I had to count on my fingers.

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