July 3, 2014

an evening with Dunbar (DC) Campbell

Dunbar 'DC' Campbell

Dunbar ‘DC’ Campbell


Campbell has lived an adventurous life besides having a B.A. in political science/economics and an M.A. in economics.

As director of a public policy research group, he researches and writes reports published by Texas and national entities.

A multi-finalist in manuscript contests, his earliest writing skills were honed in danger when, as a student activist growing up on the turbulent Caribbean island of Grenada, he wrote for and distributed banned newspapers in support of a revolutionary movement.

When the Grenada secret police brutally crushed the organization in 1974, Campbell migrated to the United States and enlisted with a new band of brothers, the U.S. Marines.

Today, Campbell channels into his writings the dangers, conflicts, and intrigues that shaped his life. Among Grenada documents the U.S. military seized and stored at the National Archives, is a passionate letter of congratulations to Prime Minister Bishop, written four years earlier by Sergeant Dunbar Campbell, U.S. Marine.

PROGRAM begins at 7:00 pm on the second floor of the
Georgetown Public Library.

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