Tips and Tricks are NaNo Bricks, Building Your Novel in 30 Days.  

by Kayla Marnach


Being a five time winner of the National Novel Writing Month, Kayla J. W. Marnach knows the joy and heartache of such a feat, and will share with you how she and thousands of others worldwide have done the same. Many begin, but only the dedicated and tenacious few complete such a grueling task. Though everyone can be a winner, it’s not easy, yet with her Tips and Tricks, gathered from years of personal experience and others Wrimos, she gives insights into what it takes – the Do’s and Don’ts and how to gain the confidence to stick with it!


Kayla has been a guest speaker at UT, American Christian Fiction Writers, SGWL and Steiner Ranch Elementary. She has won first place in writing contests, has been editor and coordinator for four years for the Hill Country Book Festival Writing Contest, producing an anthology of students work from third grade through senior high. Her Learning Lyrics Workbook has been implemented in two school districts. Her one line sayings have been distributed nationally and has had a monthly poetry column in The Resident, a San Antonio magazine. She also participated in Open Mic Poetry Night in San Antonio and Atlanta. For six years she worked with second through fourth graders, each year producing a book of their writings. She has also been part of the team for the Rising Star Writing Competition at Steiner Ranch Elementary. Her heart and passion is to give voice to children. Her recently published book My Body’s Mine has sales in the US as well as Europe. But believes one of her greatest accomplishments (besides giving natural childbirth) is her advice being included in Chris Baty’s , founder of NaNoWriMo, second edition No Plot No Problem.


PROGRAM begins at 7:00 pm on the second floor of the
Georgetown Public Library.

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