September 4, 2014

an evening with Erika Marcoux

Erika Marcoux

Erika Marcoux


“I will speak about my book Companion for Life and the Cornerstone program, which is becoming self-empowered using scientifically based mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness is paying attention in the moment. It’s being conscious and compassionate toward your body sensation, emotion, behavior, and thought.”

Erika Marcoux is an author and teacher of mindfulness meditation and received her M.A. in somatic counseling psychology. As the co-founder of the Cornerstone: Mindfulness for Life program, she shares the ancient and scientific practice of mindfulness, which is paying attention in the moment, in her private practice, corporate trainings, and events.

Marcoux is a nationally trained mindfulness expert and studied in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and Washington, D.C. As a native Austinite, she enjoyed returning to Austin in 2009 and liveswith her husband, daughter, and three pets.

She collaborated on a workbook with a colleague, Jenn Fairbank, entitled Companion for Life: The Foundations for Living, in which they teach how to apply mindfulness in daily life to become self-empowered.

Marcoux was a writer and editor at the Humanist magazine and worked in marketing at the American Red Cross headquarters and IBM.

She can be contacted at: CornerstoneMindfulness.com

PROGRAM begins at 7:00 pm on the second floor of the
Georgetown Public Library.

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